Specialist Services

We have established a reputation for providing expert witness statements for evidence being presented within court.

Of course we are aware that a majority of disagreements are resolved privately and can provide information and advice to assist resolution.

This service will be of particular interest to contractors carrying out works on larger mature properties particularly those which have shared party walls.

Our instruction would range from assessing the pre works condition of all flues and following with post works confirmation to the assessment of flues for uses regarding possible routes for ventilation etc.

We have established a healthy working relationship with a good number of architectural practices and large developers.

Our work with the inspection and assessment of chimneys within historic and listed buildings is second to none.

We have had and do have the pleasure of working with all of the national conservation bodies within the United Kingdom as well as smaller charitable trusts and of course many private clients. In many cases we have been requested to locate and trace the route of flues of flues that have been disused for many years (sometimes centuries) or to accurately locate the site of a blockage.

Dunvegan Castle6 (reflections) 300dpi

Credited to MacLeod Estate.

This is Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye where we worked and reinstated many flues to working order.

Abbotsford House refurbishment involved work on 34 chimneys.

A growing problem over the last few decades is the appearance of dampness from badly maintained flues/chimneys.

There are often a number of causes coming together to create these problems. We often find that a lack of knowledge or skills within the construction industry have helped to create these difficulties.

During the many decades of working with historic properties we have found the need to request training from bodies such as the Scottish Lime Centre and this has enabled us to develop our knowledge within this field.

In fact with the development of our own knowledge and expertise we have had the privilege of being able to contribute in return to the content of a training programme provided by the Scottish Lime Centre for chimney/roof works.