Surveys are requested for a number of reasons first of all it may be that you have just moved into a property or wish to bring into use a dormant flue and need to establish whether or not it is safe to use. It would also be appropriate to establish the suitability of the size/performance of the flue for any given appliance.

There may be clear visible evidence of structural weakness or damage which has to be assessed in order to put in place necessary remedial works.

Disputes may arise between stove/appliance installers, building contractors, insurance providers and householders quite often because there is a lack of accurate information and clear understanding of a particular problem or in the most effective way to resolve it.

Architects may wish to re-route flues and of course will have to ensure that this can be carried out in such a way as to permit not only a safe flue but one that actually works.

Architects, principal contractors as well property owners understandably want to establish the state of flues at the various levels before and after the dismantling and rebuilding of the chimney heads in order to avoid later problems or disputes.

Whether constructing or installing a new chimney/flue system, re-routing or refurbishing an existing flueway we can help you or your architect select the most suitable manufacturer and materials for the job. It is also important that all current building requirements are met.

As we are based close to Edinburgh we have gathered a good deal of experience rebuilding and repairing stone built Georgian and Victorian chimneys (and older). The pleasure of bringing back to life beautiful stone and lime mortar structures that can serve the household for another century or two is worth raising a glass to!

In this we have worked for over 35 years with the National Trust for Scotland, Historic Scotland, English Heritage and a number of private trusts on properties ranging from Dunvegan Castle, Dumfries House, Manderston House, Abbotsford House through to private homes of all sizes and architectural styles.

The maintenance of any flue/chimney structure is extremely important not only for the continued efficient use of the appliance but for the safety aspect to prevent the escape of toxic fumes and of course fire within the property. These maintenance services will range from general sweeping and soundness testing for a single domestic household to the provision of adequate cover on solid fuel appliances and chimney flue systems for landlords and estates of all sizes.